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The Truth is Reality, Two Point Zero

List of Chapters:


Chapter 1: So Many Followers; So Few Leaders

Chapter 2: Basic Black & White: Don't Just "TOLERATE" Me; UNDERSTAND Me

Chapter 3: Aint that the Nigger call'en the Nigger a Niggah? Is Hip Hop Really Art?

Chapter 4: Get Over it Darky! Shades of Blackness; Black on Blacker Hate


Chapter 5: College is for Everyone, We Can All Have  Piece of the Pie

Chapter 6: Its Not an Adventure, Its Just a J-O-B

Chapter 7: The First Step is to PROPERLY Identify the Problem: PROBLEM SOLVING 101

Chapter 8: Pick One  ...Any One: Hurry Up and DECISION MAKE


Chapter 9: Thanks Mom!  ...Now How Much Do I Owe You?

Chapter 10: Is That a Fact Jack or is That Just Your Opinion? And Why Should I Listen to You?

Chapter 11: Be My Emotional Crutch and I'll Lean on You Forever and Ever, and Ever Ever; The Art of Co-Dependency 

Chapter 12: Why Buy the Whole Pig, When All You Really Want is the Sausage: Male Chauvinism


Chapter 13: How Much is that Woman in the Window? How Do I Value My Self-Image?

Chapter 14: Most Cats Have Green Eyes: Jealously Does Not Become you

Chapter 15: Great Minds Talk About Ideas, Mediocre Minds Talk About Events, Small Minds Talk About People. Is That All the Gossip you Got?

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Chapter 1: So Many Followers; So Few Leaders


Another reason why we keep repeating the same errors and we keep missing the mark in solving the real true problem, is that people choose not to -or- simply refuse to recognize "THE TRUTH." Because most people are followers, they adopt popular opinions, popular beliefs, traditions, and what's trending. They follow the crowd. They are too lazy to do their own research and analysis to formulate their own opinions for their own reasons.


"THE TRUTH and "A LIE" were walking down the road to a small village to deliver the news. Along the way, they came to a lake of water. "A LIE" suggested they jump in and take a swim. After some talking and convincing, "THE TRUTH" finally agreed to take a swim. So "THE TRUTH" took off its clothes and jumped into the lake of water.

While "THE TRUTH" was under the water, "A LIE" put on "THE TRUTH's" clothes and ran to the village spreading lies all around town. The people believed "A LIE" because he was clothed in the "ROBE OF TRUTH."

When "THE TRUTH" finally got out of the lake and ran to the village spreading "THE TRUTH," no one would believe him, because ...THEY COULEN'T HANDLE THE NAKED TRUTH!!!

Most people can't handle "THE NAKED TRUTH." Some people like to manipulate "THE TRUTH" to serve their own purposes. Some people like to sugar coat "THE TRUTH." Some people like to exaggerate "THE TRUTH." Some people simply ignore "THE TRUTH" and live in denial. Some people like to suppress "THE TRUTH" and pretend it doesn't exist.

A person's sanity is directly proportionate with their ability to comprehend and accept "THE TRUTH."

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Chapter 2: Basic BLACK and WHITE: Don't just TOLERATE me, UNDERSTSND me.

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Dear Black People,

I love you.

Despite the systematic and institutionalized oppression of our people, please don't be angry and go through life with a chip on your shoulder. Being negative and functioning/living within a low vibrational range will attract negative and low vibrational circumstances into your life. Your ego wants you to be angry and resentful. Your ego wants you to "Compare and Compete." But here is what you should do: look in the mirror and say: "I am blessed by my creator with this beautifully melanated body and beautiful brown or black skin to journey through "THIS" lifetime, to learn certain lessons and accomplish what is required for my soul to ascend to the next level." Use positivity and the law of attraction to obtain what you want and need in this life. If you wallow, fester, and dwell on negative thoughts, anger, and resentment, you will attract negativity into your life. Take the high road, in spite of the covert and overt racism. Raise above it all. Guard your peace. Guard your sanity. Guard your vibration and frequency. Even though we want to support African American film makers, actors, and entertainers, if you experience negative emotions, sadness, or anger when watching the news, civil rights news clips, slavery, civil rights documentaries and movies, police brutality news clips or other informational sources, you need to avoid them. I am not saying: "Don't be informed and educated on these topics." Yes, do be informed and educated on these topics, but don't wallow and fester in the negativity of these topics. Guard your peace. Guard your positive energy. Guard your vibration and frequency. 

Sincerely, your sistah!    Eileena

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Chapter 3: Ain't that the Nigger Call'en the Nigger a Niggah? Is Hip Hop Really Art?

Yes, Hip Hop is really art, and every art form has an appropriate time and place.

There are many sub genres within the genre of Hip-Hop/rap: Boom-Bap, Cloud Rap, Club, Conscious Rap, Crunk, Emo Rap, Gangster Rap, Jazz-Underground, Trap, Miami Trap, Midwest Chopper, Ol’ School, and Reggaeton Rap, to name a few. You can’t call it all bad and you can’t call it all good, either.

Which Hip-Hop sub-genres gets the most streaming, air-play, and heavy rotation? … and WHY?

Shall we call it EGO rap?

Parents should explain to their children that rappers have every right to express themselves through the art of rapping.  Every art form has an appropriate time and place. Further explain that there is a bigger picture surrounding this art …

…REAL LIFE! Explain to your sons that they should not use, abuse and degrade females, just because they hear someone do it BOLDLY in a song. It doesn’t translate well into REAL LIFE. Parents explain to your daughters that if they base their self-esteem on the right thing, they won’t need to sell their soul, sell their self-respect, perform degrading and demeaning acts to get a man’s attention and affection. People who are mature, secure and self-assured don’t have a need to degrade, belittle, use and abuse others to make themselves feel better about themselves, or for any other reason. People of real substance and real talent do not need to brag, boast, show off, or draw attention to themselves. It will be obvious to other people who have real substance and real talent.  Game recognizes game.

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Eileena Warehouser

Hello and thank you for your interest.

I am a U.S. Army veteran: Finance Specialist. My career and work experience are in finance & accounting. The most advanced degree of my three degrees is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Finance. I have had many jobs, classes, and training in leadership and management.

One topic that comes up in most leadership and management training is Problem Solving. I have seen and studied this topic often and I began to apply these concepts to most situations and aspects of my life; my personal life, my public life, and my professional life.

The most efficient problem solving is a systematic, methodical, step by step process. But I noticed that most people use some sort of unorganized, random, brainstorming experience.

The first step in problem solving is: PROPERLY IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM. Often, we attempt to resolve symptoms of the real true problem. Often, we attempt to solve related or resulting problems. Often, we undertake the easiest solution, without ever solving the real true problem. Then we wonder why the problem keeps returning.

Race issues, office politics, personal relationships, male chauvinism, female catty/pettiness, and jealousy all stem from one source. In this book I will tell you what is the PROPERLY IDENTIFIED PROBLEM.

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